Parkray Aspect 4 Compact eco Stove Spares

Spares suitable for Parkray Aspect 4 Compact Eco Woodburner   - please always check your data plate or stove manual for the model. 

The Aspect 4 Compact Eco has two versions the mk1 and mk2 - mk1 was made pre 2022 and the mk2 2022 onward. They share many of the same parts apart from the log guard and multi-fuel kit.

If you are unsure if your stove is an Eco model or Non Eco model always check your stove manual or data plate - it will say ECO (if it is eco)

If you are unsure if your stove is a compact model - please double check the dimensions - compact stoves are not as deep in comparison to the standard models. The measurements can be found in the manual below. 

Aspect ECO Installation Manual

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