Hunter Herald 8 Boiler Stove (Wet) Spares

There are multiple types of Hunter Herald 8 Stove

  • Room Heater only model (also referred to as the dry model)
  • Central Heating Model (referred to as the wet model)

It is possible that the Room Heater has an optional add-in boiler and has therefore been converted to use for Central Heating however, the stoves are different in that in the wet model version the body of the stove is the boiler, there will be no side bricks in this model as the heat from the fire is used to heat the water in the stove body. The Dry Model with Add-in Back Boiler will have side bricks.

Please check to be sure that the parts being ordered are correct for your model of stove.

Herald 8 CE Wet (Boiler Version) Diagram

Herald 8 CE Wet (Boiler Version) Doors

Herald 8 CEVII Wet (Boiler Version) Diagram

Herald 8 CEVII Wet (Boiler Version) Doors

Diagrams for Herald 8 MKI & MKII Wet (Boiler Version) Unavailable.

Please note: Product codes in exploded diagrams may differ from what is on our website, this is due to spare parts being updated and changed over time, therefore the code will change with it but still be suitable for your stove.

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